Dean USA Razorback White/Gold Tribute Guitar

Matt, Corey, Tom Maxwell and others signing at NAMM '08

Dean USA Razorback V Red/Black Tribute Guitar

Matt and Corey talk about their Guitars, their music, their fans,
and more. Part 1

  Dean MKH Rising Sun Matt Heafy Signature Electric Guitar with Floyd Tremolo.

Matt and Corey talk about their Guitars, their music, their fans,
and more. Part 2

Dean CBV Corey Beaulieu Signature Model Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo.


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It's Here!  The new Dean Corey Beaulieu Signature Guitar is available now!

Got Skulls?  Check out the new Dean USA Razorback V Skulls Dimebag Tribute Guitar

Check out this bloody brilliant Dean Dimebag Razorback 255 Union Jack.  Only 36 ever made, and now one can be yours!

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The Awesome New Dean Guitars for 2008.  Dave mustaine, Trivium, Stealth, Soltero, Dime Razorbacks, MLs, Vs and many more.
Check out our Splash Page.  Beware of the Gates!Our Home Page!  Check out the latest incursions from the underworld!These Dean, Minarik and Schecter electric guitars are the most awesome apparitions to cross the Gates.  Be carefull!  Once gazed upon, they will posses you!These Crafter, Dean and Schecter accoustic guitars prove tha black magic hides in beauty as well!These Dean, Schecter and Spector Bass guitars could only have come through the Gates.  They will appease the demon within!If it is evil you want, evil you will get!  The sounds from beyond at your beck and call!  Check out all our effects!Avenged Sevenfolds Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance and their custom Schecter guitars !Check out Dimebag Darrell Abbotts wicked Dean Razorback and ML tribute guitars! These truly come from the beyond!Robert Smith and his Schecter signature guitars!Check out Matt and Corey and our Dean Guitars signed by them!Our Privacy PolicyOur Site Map, in case you get lost!
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